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Signing contract
Getting the key
The buying process.

Buying a property in Turkey is a relatively simple process but it takes a while due to the military checks.

Most people are surprised at how straightforward the buying procedure is in Turkey. The only time consuming process is the need for an official permission from the military authorities. ( military check )
Togheter with our partners we will be responsible for all aspects of the buying procedure and all the legal documentation required.

Once you have found a suitable property you might need to put down a deposit in order to secure it. This fee varies from resort to resort and the exact figure will be confirmed individually with the builder at the time of purchase. When the deposit gets paid, a receipt is given and this amount gets written into the sales contract.
Sales contract

At this point a sales contract is drawn up between yourselves and the seller. This will include information such as deposit paid, agreed sale price, date of transfer, and snag list if any. We will require from you two passport size photographs of the person whose name will be on the property deeds plus a full photocopy of your passport.
Power of attorney
Should you not be present in Turkey for the actual purchase of your property, you then need to go to the Notary's office (similar to Notary public in the UK) to sign a document giving your agent or solicitor, the power of Attorney for the property, not for money. This enables the agent to continue with obtaining the Title Deeds in your absence.
Military approval

Details of the property and you (the purchasers) get forwarded to the Land Registry Office. An official transfer application is made and all documentations get sent to the Izmir Aegean Army for approval. This is to check that the property is not located in a restricted zone for foreign purchase etc. Approval normally takes 1.5 - 2 months . Cost is 1015 T.L ( March 2014 )
Title Deed Transfer (Tapu)

Once military approval has been granted, the title deeds are re-issued into the new owners name and forwarded back to the local Land Registration office who, in turn contacts your agent. It is at this point that the last payment gets paid to the vendor/builder and the deeds are collected. Your agent or solicitor can pick up your deeds on your behalf if you have given them power of attorney. Your title deed can then be kept in a safe place pending your next visit.

Guidance for Foreigners by MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Didim Chamber of Commerce
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